Yeah i've asked numerous ones before. But here's another.

How do you find the notes in a scale? Such as this, i read it but i was wondering how he got the notes from the scale...

First, learn some Musical Math. Here are some introductory concepts to it. Chords are built from scales. The chords in the song we're working with come from the C major scale. Here are all the chords in C major:



How am I to find out these notes from a scale? Also I do use JGuitar.com If that's a way you can show me how to do it from there.
Those aren't all of the chords in C major. You can form a chord and as long as it contains the correct notes. Also, there is no B chord in C major. That would be a Bdim.

Do you mean how did he get those seven chords? Or are you asking how the scale is formed?
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b halfdim, actually.

Well if you extend it into 7th chords, but if it's just triads, it's B D F. Bdim