come check us out, here is our 4 year history in a nut shell.

For the past 4 years we have been known as Graven-Suicide(hince my SN) and we would go through singers like crazy. We have had a total of three singers(counting the one we currently got). We "hired" Bryan Wade on vocals just 3 weeks ago. He seems to be the one we are looking for. Its hard to find vocalists in our small town area. The biggest city is about 45 minutes away. So we changed our style a bit. We wanted to change our name before we got Bryan, because we realized taht it wasnt working that well. It worked in our area, but didnt really get anything else in like a 20 mile radius.

So...heres our myspace...we are working on a .com site soon


and i fyou want to listen to some of our old music(which we wont use most of them), heres our old site


Lethal By Default
-Bryan Wade: Vocals/ Rythym Guitar
-Cory McDowell: Lead Guitar/ Backing Vocals <- me by the way ..lol
-Shay Thayer: Bass Guitar/ Backing Vocals
-Eric Gates: Drums

yeah, sorry, im kind of hyper right now, i just had a Big Rig Amp energy drink