I have a notebook full of potential song lyrics, but I can't seem to picture them as songs. So I guess my main question is: where do I start? I can come up with riffs pretty easily, but where do I go from there? Please bear with me, I'm new to songwriting I've been playing guitar for a few years now (bass for a lot longer). I'm not the best singer, but the people I jam with are a lot better at singing than I am (thank God). The guy who usually sings has a higher voice than mine, so I'm sure that will lead to key changes between when I write the song and when he sings it. So any suggestions/tips to get me going would be appreciated.
What I tend to do with my band is find a cool little riff or hook, whether it be on guitar or bass, or whatever really, and then find some chords that work under it. And basically I have come up with an intro sort of thing or whatever ever part of a song it might fit into. I then try and find about to two or so other chord progressions in the same key that can fit in as the other parts of the song verse chorus middle 8 whatever.

But I wouldn't try and force songwriting you know, It bound to be better it is all natural like, well thats my opinion anyway. Dunno if it makes much sense though so whatever hehe

Obviously when you go a jam it might turn out completely different than when you wrote it. But that I find is the best part of being in a band or just playing music with other people, they will have other ideas and a perhaps fresh take on things.

So yeah, see if that helps you, and don't be afraid to just let a song evolve beyond what it originally was before you jammed on it.

lol, have fun man
Good luck.
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I have trouble making lyrics into music, I generally have to go the other way around about it. But the main thing is to come up with a catchy melodic hook and fit the chorus in with that, even though you might have to edit it. The verses are more flexible.
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