Please explain to me how they work. I'm confident this thread has been done before, but my search button isn't working, so keep that in mind. BUt just try and explain to me how it works.
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Basicly, you run your guitar through the stomp box and into you amp. when you turn on the talk box, it runs the signal from your guitar into a small amp in the talkbox, which runs the sound from your guitar up a tube that goes up your mike stand. When you put the tube in your mouth, your guitar takes the place of your volcal chordes, and you use your mouth to shape the sound.

so, the sound comes from your guitar, but its your mouth that really makes your guitar talk.
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a friend of mine wanted to build one via plugging the line out of his amp into a self powered speaker (a small one), and then covering the speaker so it was sealed except for the tube and running the tube up to his mouth and letting the mouth noises go into the mic of the PA just like it would in the old talkboxes.

My question is...

is it really that simple? lol
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