I have a feeling that this is going to be more like a wall of shame and hopefully very hilarious.
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I think devildriver, lamb of god and killswitch are the best black metal probably ever.

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the clean vox weren't bad a lot

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how about this.. instead of sending in a dumb video, get a band, i dont care how bad the band is, and scream that way, then send in a video as a band, not some dumb guy who can't scream into a mic.

lol... thats what i did sorta, cept we still need a drummer
This has the potential to rank epic on the funny scale.
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if i had a video camera i would destroy that site,dudes would be suckin my d**k for me in their band
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Especially that fat kid...

I can't scream though :<
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Yeah you were right about me

I'm letting the vids load, but the site failed as soon as I took a peek at the top friends.
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why does everyone hate on TDWP
they really are a good band if your a true hardcore fan
i guess people on ug are more into metalcore and punk hardcore....