Ive been woring on this song for about a week now. Its the first ive written in a while so heres what i got so far.

The needle breaks my skin
instantly my veins are flooded with sin
its so wrong, but if feels amazing
i cant stand, my feet cant hold me anymore
i hit the floor, with a violent shake and a smile

Feels like I am dying
but it feels so good im flying
above the
world thats below me
addiction, afliction
injection, infection
from a needle i found
on the floor
and i dont care anymore

I need medical attention
but i dont want anyone to see me like this
This wasnt my intention
but my mind made me kill my self

I can feel my veins are burning
my arm is starting to swell
my throat feels like it closing up
help me god i think im in hell!!!!!


Thats all i got so far, im working on the last verse, and i may throw an outro in there as well, like some sort of repetitive lyrics. Oh and just to let everyone know, i dont do heroin, i just though it woudl be a serious song, and make people think about what this stuff can do to you.

What do u guys think?
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