im thinkin of buying a teisco del ray from 1966

its about $500 (aus)

is it worth it, bear in mind i havnt played it but the people selling it tell me the intonation and action are all fine

worth it or not?
$500 AUS is about $350-400 US,,isnt it?,,,,,,,anyway

I have an old Del Ray that was my uncles first guitar, im not sure on a year,,, but I dont think its quite as old as the one in question. When I first started playing there did seem to be a collectors market for Teiscos,,,,,but the condition mine is in would make it nowhere near that price range,,,,,

EDIT: Looking at Del Ray's on ebay would make it seem that whoever is selling this to you for $500 is trying to pull a fast one,,,,so, unless you make some sort of spiritual connection with it when you play it, I'd look elsewhere
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bear in mind that on ebay they sell for $150 US but its another 150 us to ship it to australia

making it about 500 aus anyway

they're an american guitar so they're a bit mroe expesnive oevr here
^ They're a Japanese guitar, I'm pretty sure of that.
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