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Could someone post some link about classical guitar tutorial. I’m going to be a classical guitarist and play in a Spanish restaurant soon.

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You can't just pick up and learn classical guitar without adequate teaching. you need someone to guide you, to tell you what to do and what not to do and most importantly to show you the technique. A tutorial won't.
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^meh i learned all i know from teh internet and videos, i think if you just googled and youtubed for vids and lessons you would learn stuff soon enough, thats pretty kool to play in a spanish restaurant
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Like Confusius said, It is very recommended to find a classical guitar teacher, because the technique to play classical music is complicated, like flamenco, if you want the pieces to sound as good as possible.

But, you can do what I did when I began playing classical guitar and just mimic the guitarists on youtube. Watch how the guitar is placed on the left leg (if you are right-handed), how the right arm and hand are placed when playing... Search for videos of good classical guitarists like Segovia or John Williams. You won't get the technique 100% right, but I think it won't matter too much.

If you're not able to play like the musicians on youtube (which is possible because, like I said, the technique is hard to get), you could play like if you were playing electric guitar or acoustic guitar, with your guitar on your right leg (if you are right-handed). Check for flamenco guitarists; they all play like that.

Sorry if my english is not very good
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I havent found a good way to learn classical, I really need to find a local teacher
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I'm in the process of restringing my stepdad's old classical. I think I'm going to start studying that technique too.
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Quote by markestorpe online tutorial won't help me a lot. I guess I have to follow what confusius said.

Thank you guys!

well you could go the self taught way but you will need books on techiques, principles, preferably somekind of method book

it'll cost you like $200 plus but a teacher will cost more
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My teacher costs about 20 dollars for an hour lesson each week. Definitely worth it.
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Bump for teachers or at least books on the subject.
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LOL! To think that internet is a great source for self learning, think again about the ratio of bad instruction to good. Youtube and Expertvillage have tons of crap. Of course there are hidden resources, the question is how to find them. Get a good teacher and a good book!