I might buy a tremol-no for my guitar but I have a question

the point is to alternate between standard tuning and drop-D. so only 1 string gets re-tuned.

my idea is to tune the guitar in drop-D (where i'll use the tremolo) and then block the FR with Tremol-no to change to standard E (in standard E i won't use the tremolo).

when I re-tune the 6th string from D to E (with the FR blocked) does anything happens to the other strings? I mean, when the FR is blocked, messing with the tuning of one string won't affect the bridge and the other strings, right?

and to get back to drop-D i have to:
1) get the 6th string to D
2) unlock the tremol-no

and after I unlock it, it stays in tune

Am I correct?
When the Floyd is blocked it's only blocked from the pitch being raised, so the rest of the strings will go out of tune pretty quick like normal, instead look into getting a D-Tuna, it'll save you a lot of money and will be better off in the long run

Basically install it to an OFR or LFR on the low E, and while it's pushed in you're set to E, and pull it out it goes to D, and you can use the floyd rose exactly the same.

Only downfall is that with constant swapping from the E to D, the strings go out of tune much quicker, but it's better than having to set up your guitar after every show
The D-Tuna won't help one bit - you have exactly the same tuning issues which are what the TS wants to eliminate.
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you're on the right track, basically, tweak, the tremol-no should do what you want.
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