I'm looking to buy a new guitar. Any of you know a certain brand/guitar that sounds good "clean"? My price range is around 300 US, maybe more.
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hard to say really, what amp do you use?

Yeah, 80% of your sound comes from the amp. 10% from the pickups, 5% from the strings, 4% from you, and 1% from your wood.

(NOTE: All those numbers are random)
Strats always sound good clean. I recently got a Randy Rhoads V (it's a copy by Shine Guitars), which is great, it sounds great for rock, metal, punk, blues or whatever, and last night I was playing it through my bass amp with my neck pickups and it sounded amazing. about 70% of that was from my amp, but the rest certainly came from the guitar, so you should consider getting a Randy Rhoads V, since he played Classical and Metal.
Yeah strat or tele, look for a MIM secondhand you should find something in decent conditio for about 300 bucks
Just another few quick questions. What's the difference between the strat and tele? Which would be better suited for anything heavier? Are epiphones good? What are their advantages/disadvanages, and are they better than similar priced strats and teles?
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you really want a clean sound? if your up to paying an extra 150 (it's worth it) buy an epiphone les paul 100 and replace it with burstbucker pro pickups not exactly sure which ones but the ones from that series the ones i put were 110 each soooooo

$200 for pickups

$250 for guitar

and you almost have the sound of a gibson for 2000 dollars less