I want to have a chromatic workout for my practice routine, and I want to do the patterns up and down one string, the classic up one postion down the next, and angular like in the Steve Vai 10 hour workout. Is there any other ways I should play them you people can recommend? And my other problem is that there are so many combinations of 4 and 3 string fingerings, what would be the most efficient ones to practice? I thought about doing the ones that start with 1 one day, then the ones that start with 2 the next, but I think I should be doing the same ones every day. So any help with those 2 things would be great but mostly the latter problem. Thanks
I suggest doing the same ones every day. Practice all of them. I can't see why it'd hurt. here are some i do if you need any more.

you descend the same manner you ascended. I suggest moving it up the neck too.

same as above

I also suggest picking up John Petrucci's Rock Discipline book. It has a lot of great exercises.

I hope i helped.
Steve Vai's 30 hour workout (also the 10 hour workout :p has great linear chromatic exercises. I have a pdf of it, I'll pm you
Well are you using it as a warm-up or for finger indapendance/speed/endurance?
If the first, consider practicing them all, getting them to a relatively descent speed, accuratly.
If for the latter, then play each one individually until you feel like you have down completely before moving on to another. Or you could do practice 2 or 3 a day but don't move to the next group until you have them down.
Oh, and if you are trying to use them in a musical context then there are limitless possibilities which you will find out the more you look into it.
Hope this helps.
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