I bought my friends SA160 for 100 bucks and want to class it up a little bit. It was a red sparkle, but I am in the process of removing the paint to make it a natural mahogany. My problem is I don't know what kinds or brands of bridges (it is a simple tremolo) will fit on it. I am looking for gold hardware to go with with mahogany. Any ideas for bridges or the look of it in general?

Also, what kind of necks are compatible with the SA160? Is it just SA necks?

Thanks in advance.
Suck it up, people dont post on what the aren't interested.
You know how you want it to look.
I assume you want a two point strat style tremolo, and any neck with the same scal length should fit.
I know about scale, but I didn't know about heel measurements. And as for bridges, how am I supposed to know if they will fit, or if I will have to drill any new holes? That's why I am on the f@cking forum....for knowledgable help.

I see countless stupid threads like "what slogan should I paint on my guitar". Who gives a f@ck what you write on it! Sorry for asking for actual hardware advice and maybe just a tad of hospitality.
Hey man, sorry some of the members can be dicks at time. Ermm, I don't think the wood underneath the paint would be nice enough to varnish. I'd repaint it a new colour...
Bloody hell, calm down, do you really think peopel here spend time measuring the tremolo routes of guitars so they can tell people this stuff?
Just get one, if it doesnt fit, make it fit, it's not rocket science.
And the same with necks, you can make them fit, too small? Wood filler, too big? a lot of sanding.

The way you're going you aret going to last here, three bumps then a lot of anger towards the guy who decides he should post? (him being me).
My apologies, I got a little carried away. For my first time posting I just expected some sort of helpful reply. You could have easily left out the first two sentences of your first post yourself.

But seriously. Will I be able to fit any Ibanez neck into the pocket? Granted, like you said I might need to do a little sanding or filling. I just didn't realize it was that easy to be honest.

Any any 2 point trem will work? Like a Wilkinson?

Despite the hostility, I do appreciate the help.
If you think I'm hostile wait til you meet some proper douchébags on this forum, consider me a warm-up

Anyway I'm pretty sure any Ibanez will fit, BUT It'll have to be matching to your heel joint, if it's AANJ (the rounded one) you need one to match it, if its square joint again need one to match.

And the wilkinson SHOULD work, thats the name that popped into my head when I thought of replacement strat style trems.
I actually meant my hostility, lol. Thanks for the answer. BTW, what does AANJ stand for? American or Japan something?
Quote by Astulock
I actually meant my hostility, lol. Thanks for the answer. BTW, what does AANJ stand for? American or Japan something?

Oh I've seen worse than you, newcomers are allowed to be like that!

And AANJ is All Access Neck Joint, they were designed so it's easier to rech ther higher frets and stuff, they're more rounded, the square heel is the more classic ones, most notably found on strats.