Alright so my squire project is slowly coming along, right now I'm focused on the neck. I've started to refret, but I've run into some problems and need some help from some of you veterans.

Not long after radiusing the wire I noticed that the tangs aren't reaching all the way into the slots in the neck. Also the grooves in the wire weren't catching properly. I widened the grooves a bit with some pliers, and I got a few in.

My question is that will leaving these in be a problem? Should I apply some glue into the slots to keep those suckers in there better? Or should I start over with the proper fret wire?

Any and all advice is appreciated!
It is common practice to use glue, but it does change your tone. Given how cheap fretwire is, I'd try redoing it. Make sure the fretwire is radiused slightly more than the fretboard, tap in the edes 1st, then lightly tap the fret moving back and forth over the whole fret. One good hit in the middle of the fret will be enough to bend the fret and it will be impossible to get the ends to sit against the fretboard without glue. If you hit the end of the frets too hard that will make them curl up too. So the key is, don't hit anything hard.
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