that was pretty sweet !
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Im guessing that that's a backing track. Unless you have got a new drum looper.

The vocals harmonisation sounds cool. I felt that the pitch was a bit off in one or 2 places but nothing major - Just slight.

Cool - Guitar Lead. Awesome Tone.

I've never heard the original so i can't really compare but it sounds cool.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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yeah, i got an new looper. my computor crashed, and my dad took away admin rights, so now i must suffice with fl7
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Thanks for your crit!

Writing while listening. It's a nice song, sweet piano, good bass.
I'm not too fond of the sharp main vocals (not the mellow voice with reverb), sometimes it sounds like the singer is dying a horrible death on a cross.
The solo is simple and fits well.

The drums are a bit repetitive, but it's a looper after all hehe :-D

The ending is rather abrupt, maybe keep the chord at the end and let it ring out, just a suggestion.
The intro is a bit cheesy and I'm not a fan of the strings/drum sound. However, I like the overall feel and melodies. The guitar solo was good too.
well, cheesy is what i was going for. as i said, the entire point of the song was to prove how musically ****e and easy christian rock is. thanks guys.
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