I'm planning on buying a new laptop and I'm a bit confused. I'm not a computer geek at all and I'm not sure what do I really need. It will be mostly for doing homework and writing/recording music, and also surfing on the net. I would like at least a 1.5 Ghz dble-core processor and 1 Go of memory. Is it enough if, let say, I'm running limewire, Internet, Guitar Pro, Word, and Adobe Audacity at the same time. Will my computer go crazy? 'Cause I heard that Windows Vista took a lot of memory? ...
p.s.: will Windows Vista allow me to download music? (i.e limewire)
any suggestions??
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lol limewire.... you make me laugh... get a mac if you do recording and stuff... all that you do on a max and it is easier

now some moron will come on and tell you how mac sucks but i assure he has never used one... properly
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Yeah a Mac would be good for you.
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