I've played guitar for 3 years now.
I finished learning Sweet Child Of Mine by now, cause I haven't got the speed to play the solo like slash xD
So, now I don't know what songs to learn.... I wan't something not strummed and challenging, like Sweet child of Mine or Nothing else matters/stairway to heaven/hotel california....
I like Rock, Metal, Indie, Punk... etc


thank you all

Try some Hendrix, cant go wrong with a bit of Jimi.
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John Frusciante - The Greatest Guitarist EVER
Canon Rock, Eruption,
I like to write, and support Chemistry For Improved Life.

Please, recommend me any bands or artists of any genre or medium. Paintings, poets, writers, books, paintings, songs, musicians.

Anything, anything at all. Please.
it would be a good idea to learn your scales by this point and work on doing some of your own soloing. learn the minor pentatonic/blues scale
"Blues is what you got when everything else is
gone." - J.Lansdowne