Does anyone know of a good company/luthier who makes custom guitars similar to the Jackson or ESP customshop but for under $3000 (most of those companies start there)

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there's this zach dude or something that makes cheaper but awesome as hell guitars, i forget his website but my friend got one, it looks kinda weird but has killer tone and sustain. i hear he does them to your budget, you just gotta talk/message him
Algeeeater makes custom built guitars out NJ. Contact him and see what his rates will be based on your specs.
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Ran Guitars?
Moser Custom Shop. (Might be a bit too out-there, I dunno)
darkwater guitars.....i know the guy who builds them, under 3000, ****ing awsome job. builds to how you want it done.
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Looking into the same thing. If someone has any suggestions where to get an Eclipse shape guitar, with custom specs under 3k that would be awesome as well.
well i guess youre from america but if you happen to be from australia check out ormsby guitars, he used to post threads with heaps of pics of him going through the build process in the gear and customizing forums and its all great stuff.

if i remember correctly hes made guitars before for american customers and then flown over with the guitars to deliver them... i think. it was a whole heap of randy rhoads polka dot v replicas i think but yeah, dont quote me on that
Ran makes some of the best guitars for the price, go with them.
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