my brothers been playing diablo II alot and everytime hes done playing, the wallpaper on my computer is nothing but a blue background with a little grayish square in the middle that looks like a max screen button.

its kind of fustrating having to change it back everytime hes done playing, so does anyone know how i can fix this?

that happens because diablo II sucks. hardcore.
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That happens all that time.. good game though.

The game doesn't delete your background just minimizes it i think. if you reset your pc the background will appear again. Its not a big deal anyway.

I used to play D2 a fair bit, had like a level 60 assassin or something.
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You got owned by ubers, lawl. let me suggest a lvl 90 hammerdin equipped with HOTO and nigma, though you wont be able to kill uber meph....

Uninstall D2 and tell your bro to get his own comp
This sounds like when my dad says the internet is running slow because I deleted a word document.

That isn't the cause, if it is it's probably just temporary.
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that happens because diablo II sucks. hardcore.

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