I'm looking to buy a Line 6 UX2

From all the feedback I've read it's a pretty nice little piece of crap for only $200, but the one thing that makes me doubt it is the fact that many people report it being a bad choice for metal.

What do you guys think of it?

If any of you use it or know of some sound clips that are metal/hardcore please let me know
its pretty average without the added on packs but with the packs it sounds spigging awesome
or just mic up your amp
thats what i intend to do because its hard to find a decent tone for metal, check the songs in my profile theyre all done using the toneport and gearbox
Yup, I would plan on using the toneport strickly as an interface, more than as an amp simulator. If you get decent sounds out of gearbox, then fine, but don't expect great things.

As a recording interface, it sure seems nifty though. good luck
Agile AL-3100 (highly recommended)
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Well no modelling software will sound as nice as a good mic'ed up amp. So with that in mind I would personally get the UX1 (you are just recording your guitar and maybe voice right?) and a mic with the extra cash.
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Good call

Man, you should be a mod, you know everything.

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pretty good tone on this stuff. and w/o metal shop huh?

Yeah all done without metal shop. The first 3 tracks are done with the Smashing preset coming out the left and Ain't talking about love preset with all the effects turned off coming out of the right.
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i bought it HAHAHAHA ... 1 - 4 days it gets here, and 4 - 6 WEEKS after that I get my free model-pack. lame for sure