Yup. Is there any way to get this screw out without ruining everything? Its obvious I need a new one after I get it out, but getting it out is the problem
mmmmmm get that one out and buy a new screew.. thats it.. That sucks GL
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Put in the alan key and bash it in with a hammer then try.

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did u strip the head or the threads. cause one is way easier to deal with than the other.
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did u strip the head or the threads. cause one is way easier to deal with than the other.

I'd imagine he stripped the head. If the threads were stripped the screw would probably just fall out.

Try using a pair of pliers to get it loose.
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Go get yourself a screwdriver with a tip specially made to remove stripped screws. They literally dig into the screw while turning.
Ive had this happen before however it was to a bridge saddle allan key screw on my floyd rose tremlo system...do you have a small saw or maybe even a knife that will cut through metal?...if you do just cut a slit in the head of the screw and then use a normal screwdriver to turn it.
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