I'm brazilian and I speak portuguese, but I don't know any good acoustic songs to take advantage of my bilinguality.

Anyone know of a particular band or song that does?
Well, I really like the song "Carta" by Toranja, I think there's a tab here in UG. It's a easy song so there's no reason for you not to try it, and the ladies seem to love it!
I was just gonna say that....Seu Jorge does some amazing covers of Bowie. If you like them you should watch the whole movie (The Life Aquatic).
My favorite movie ever, its amazing. Can't wait for wes' new film The Darjeeling Limited. (ok, i'm done hijacking your thread now )
"What do you want?"
"That's so arrogant."

(I'm done hijacking as well.) sorry. I had to.
Try...Aguas De Marco by Antonio Carlos Jobim. I'm not sure how accurate the tabs are on UG but it's a really nice song.