Who else likes Prince? I recently got his Greatest Hits CD and I love it! Discuss.

probably not the right forum though...
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
Got to the Bands and Artists Section, These threads do not belong in the Pit
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bands and artists forum mate
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does it always hafta be bout guitars??

Prince rocks!!
I like his music...
Its catchy and sounds good...
Awesomely produced.
I really like Prince's music! My dad is a big fan of his.

Prince plays around 27 instruments!
I went to Las Vegas a few days ago and I saw the Prince tribute, Purple Reign

EDIT: You can't categorize Prince's music, he play's many styles. Probably rock or soul though
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He's not a bad electric guitarist.....but do we really need an "ONLY" Prince thread?

Yes....Yes we do

Prince is the man
Prince either makes a really good. or something that is complete shit. I watched some show and it said that he has music videos for almost every song hes ever made and has all this unlreleased music in a vault
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