i would like to have a floyd rose tremolo how hard would it be to put it in my squier is it even possible? and would it be worth it or should i just get a guitar with one?

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get a new guitar with 1.squier is a good beginner guitar but if you want a floyd you will basically destroy it putting it on.
As it's a Squire I don't really think it's worth putting a floyd rose on it. Improve your skills a bit then get a new guitar, if you need it, with one on.
A Squier strat isnt worth doing any routing on. If u want a Strat with a Floyd, then Fender makes one. only problem is, its about $450 or so.
well just get a new guitar squiers are horrible is definately worth it to buy an ibanez fer lik 4 er 5 hundred with a floyd rose just go to a friggin store and play different guitars and its a more a luxury the more money u put in it
i love squires, so shut p kaal. But yea, it would be the same if not more than your guitar to buy another.
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Id go for it

It would be a nice guitar to work on and get a feel for the instruments workings. You could always swap out the floyd anyway.

There are quite a few heavily modded squires that look and sound great