Im in the market for a new guitar, and I love versatility. One day I'll be playing some blues, the next day Slayer, the next classical. Good stock pickups would be nice, but i can always swap them out for something else. Im not a huge fan of Fender, though I like several of their higher end guitars. My price range is around $1000 Canadian (before pickup replacements). Any suggestions for the guitar or pickups?
jacksons are surprisingly versatile with the right pickups, have a look at the DK2 dinkys from the pro range, HSS is very versatile because you can use the humbucker for your slayer and get great clean tones as well as malmsteen style lead tones from the single coils. the alder body allows you to get pretty close to a strat tone and also gives you great note definition when you pour on the gain which helps you avoid the muddiness some people get using mahogany
hmmm.... george is way wrong. I would go witha Gibson Air Guitar, with Helium/Helium Pickups, but that is me. That is the greatest possible versitility ever. You dont even need an amp, u can use ur amp. Now that is a great combo.
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triple humbucker config/dual humbucker,

and coil splits


((Replace the neck pickup with a blueseyer one, say a p-90))
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