I was in my basement the other day and in my back room of it we have a stereo and i never thought anything of it until now, but i wanna hook up that stereo to my tv so i can get the sound from my tv to go through the speakers.

I was wondering if any of you guys knew how exactly to do this? I'm normally pretty technology savvy when it comes to this but this really stumps me.

Me and my dad have been trying for awhile now and we got sound to come out of 1 speaker but not the other, and vice versa.

Also, my tv only has In/Out RCA plug ins that are yellow and white and the stereo, has only an Auxiliary plug in for red and white RCA.

So can anybody help me?

If there's anymore you need to now just ask me.
i've got no idea, but you can get other tipe of speakers that do work for that like this ones
i have tried or the stereo, but only got results with two speakers, if you want that in only one, you will have to disconnect it

PS you need to go to the electronics shop to buy some cable jacks

we just got it hooked up

i had speakers like those before, but i had a different tv and i got a new tv but it didn't have the right plug ins. it wasn't as great as sound though as the stereo speakers

and we had cables and everything, we just didn't have the right amount and right kind so we went to target and they had what we needed
The yellow RCA plug is for video. so im guessing that your tv only has mono out, which is why you can only get sound out 1 spekare