In a few weeks I'll be playing a few songs live, just about 9-10, at an aquaintance's show.

This is technically my first time to play live, except one other time when a friend asked me on stage and I did 2-3 songs to end his set.

I remember doing those few songs and becoming extremely nervous, I was literally shaking and moreover to introduce each song I became extremely chatty and talked a lot, way more than necessary. Normally I think I'm an alright singer/guitarist, but my voice got much higher and I couldn't even hear myself. I'm not sure I even did a decent job.

It was an awful experience but I really want to get out there and do this. I know I have to start somewhere, and I'm not going to stop trying to play live just because of a couple of bad songs in a remote coffeeshop. But I could use any tips or advice about how to keep in control of your voice or generally shake off nervousness. Feel free, also, to share your own first "live set" experiences and make me feel better
you just have to go with it. only think about your music. thats the first thing you have to master. have fun playing the music. the rest will just come. and remember that people always know when youre nervous. dont let them think that at any time.

was i any help? well, good luck.
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first gig i did at school 10 years ago was playing grunge tunes but i had a flu and throat infection and my school was into the spice girls at the time more than grunge!. A spice girls tribute band had the crowd in raptures, we got stuff thrown at us and got booed off.I told the crowd to fk off and i got in trouble.

also got a call from someone saying they saw our band on tv from another country (scotland/england) and wanted to provide a venue with 200 people and they would support. We travelled 400 miles to the gig and there was 2 kids with their parents and an empty hotel hall. We were fking raging

Anyway played many good gigs since (50 odd). If you are singing, warm up with scales and you will be okay. also have a good monitor with plenty of vocals.
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Ouch, sorry to hear about that Troy (on both counts).

Hmmm...thanks guys, yuh it was extremely evident that I was nervous last time and I think that affected everything especially the crowd's perception of me, I guess it's hard to take someone seriously when they talk for ages before each song and you can see them shaking.

And I don't know if this makes any difference but since I'm purely acoustic I feel really pressured since there's no distractions, just me and the guitar, and every mistake would just jump out.