Hey everyone, today I just got my first tube amp the Crate Palomino V8. Its one made in the USA so its really nice and has great tone. But the thing is that the Volume knob isn't doing anything. The gain knob turns up the gain and of course the volume with it but I could have the volume knob at zero and as long as the gain knob is up then the amp is still making sound. So what could be the problem here? I really don't want to return the amp because I might not get a chance to get another Palomino that is made in the USA so what should I do? It seems like the volume is set to one position and the actual knob can just go around and do nothing. I looked inside but i'm not really sure what to look for like loose wires or what. Maybe I need a new volume pot?
maybe im not sure. my ex gf brought hers over today and it sounded amazing...needs a reverb, eq, and OD pedal but hey sounded great

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Don't open your amp. That's stupid. You'll void any warranty you may have. Second, you say it will still make sound with the gain up, but does it increase in sound when you turn the volume knob up?
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I'd just take it back. Have them do a repair under the warranty. It's probably something really simple.
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Now that I've been looking at the different manuals for the similar crate amps like the V58 and the V5 it seems that maybe my Palomino V8 isn't meant to change the volume unless with the line out. Because, the other manuals like the V58 shows a little arrow for adjust ability in the volume knob on the diagram. But my V8 doesn't have the arrow going through the volume knob on the diagram so I don't know if anything is wrong.
line outs usually deal with the volume coming off the preamp rather than poweramp/master volume. My bass amp is designed the same way.
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Wait so I'm still confused, what do you mean your bass amp is designed the same way? It doesn't seem like I even need the volume knob to work, as the gain knob is doing both the volume and gain which is how tube devices were years ago. But then I still have a dummy volume knob..
OK, I'm going to say this again. I had the EXACT same amp that you had, made in USA and everything. The volume knob worked. If your volume knob does nothing, then there is something wrong. The diagram doesn't really show anything.... Your volume knob is there for a reason, and if it isn't working, you should take it to get fixed.
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Ok thx, then I think I'll get it fixed and see what the problem is.

Yeah, Crate might cover it but I doubt it, they are getting really ****ty in pretty much every aspect recently. It shouldn't be an expensive fix.
But the thing is that I bought the amp from the guitar center and they said it was used. But i didn't notice the volume not working because everything seemed fine and it looks completely new. They said that it would still have a 30 day warranty, but seeing the kind of people that worked there I would hope that they don't mess with the amp. And since i guess its one of the last US ones I want to be careful so they don't do a switcheroo or something.