Well, I've been messing around with drop tunings for a while now

They work fine on my guitar

But when my bass hits C or lower

They rattle something fierce

Any help on how to fix this?
raise your action i suppose thatd work, and if it doesnt dont go as low as c then haha
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Not sure how to go about that, I never had to mess with this kind of thing before.

I heard changing the action changes your harmonics.
uhno bout that, but if it does i dont think youll be playin harmonics if your lookin as low as c. bet hes playin some metal
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woa dude drop C tuning, no wonder. thats really low tuning even for a bass. thats the source of your rattle, your bass is fine, the tuning is to blame. remember bass and guitar are very different instruments.

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Well, that's a pretty good point. I'm just the kind of perfectionist who hates things out of place.

^It can be done, I know that for a fact. Ryan Martinie, my personal favorite bassist, hits C a lot without any rattle. So does Shavo from System of a Down.
there's not much you have to bother with tuning to drop C. I never change tuning for very many things as it is. I don't think it's needed, personally. You really shouldn't have to face that problem
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Well, I do face the problem. I like the lower tunings and the strings can't go as low as I want them to without buzzing and rattling all the time.
i have the exact same problem.. and i was about to make a topic about it until i saw this thread.. it ****ing sucks. ive been trying to learn some like job for a cowboy and stuff played in C and my strings rattle like a bitch too. i think the only way to do it without raising your action is to by new strings.. probably thicker ones. it would work in theory i guess. heavier strings.. less you have to loosen them.. less loose = less movement = less rattling..

any ideas on guages guys? i have no idea what mine are now. they're the ones i got when i first got my bass. and i have a fender precision bass..
well i think 105 is average for an e string...if you're going to C just look for the highest you can get that's still considered an E string.

If you'll only ever have it tuned to C you could get a low B stringfor it. but if you tried to tune that back up to E it could get ugly.
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Well If you use a pick (good idea for C), and even if you dont really, try picking closer to the bridge. It wont make the problem completely go away by any means, but itll help some. Its what I do because Im too cheap to buy more strings.
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I agree with the heavier string suggestion, makes sense really. If your strings are rattling you need thicker/ heavier ones.
If you can't hear it through the amp I don't think it will really matter. I recently learned Blew by Nirvana, that's played in Drop C and I couldn't hear the rattling through the amp, so I don't think it will matter too much at gigs, maybe rehearsal, though.