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I don't play in open E often, because I normally play slide in G and if this should be moved I'm sorry, but I thought Bluesmen like you guys would know. Is it ok on the neck of your guitar to leave it tuned to open E?...I mean over night and that kind of thing.

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i wouldn't see why not.
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me neither
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It should be alright for just overnight type stuff. I dunno about permanently though. If your worried about the extra tension, you could try open D tuning and then capo at the 2nd fret, which would be E. Open D is the same as E, just a full step down. (DADF#AD I believe)
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Which (open D) would ofcourse also bring enormous extra possibilities if you like playing around in the lower (open) section of your guitar. I sometimes tune my guitar to open E, but since I tuned it down, instead of up (D instead of E) it opened up a new world for me... alternative chord forms and whatnot... in any case, open D with capo is the way to go methinks.