Okay, I'm already know that just playing harder toughens your fingers up, but are their any thing else that could help the process?
not really, just play, and tough it out.
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if they gt to where they hurt wrap them in like a cloth or hockey tape and lay like that while they heal over
Just keep playing.. I have like rock hard spots on my pinky and ring finger right now from playing one song over and over and over.. and over.. etc..

It feels weird typing.. lol, it killed super bad when I first started playing the song because there was like no caulose on that part of my fingers and the skin was ripped up and gross.. and yeah.. Now I don't even feel the strings.
Tough it out man. Your fingers will eventually toughen up but you've gotta be willing to put them through hell before that happens.
i played and it started hurting i was like im never gonna get past this part but i just played alot and didnt think about it now bam doesnt hurt at all :P
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