I have an old backpack, its 4 years old, used heavily all through high school. Now that im off to college (and have a new bag), I really want to keep part of it, especially since i spent so long with it. Now, the straps are padded and extremely comfortable, so i figured, hey why not make a guitar strap out of it. Im, going to cut them out and sew them together with some hemp cord I bought. My only questions to you guys is what do i do for the part that connects the cord to the guitar. I know that part on most straps is leather, but i don't know where i could find just strips of leather, or if i could make it out of something else.

here's the old backpack:

hopefully it turns out well, I think the hemp cord will give it a cool touch.
Any tips are appreciated
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I've seen peavey straps with the same premise. Good idea at making your own though.
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I think the Nike logos will look really cool. Especially on a Korean or Mexican made guitar.