i have a desktop thats pretty laggy. i have 1 of two options

1) put ram into my old desktop (my desktop doesnt have any viruses. will the ram fix some of my lag/slowness?) and buy a new laptop

2) buy a new desktop

also, gimme some good reasons why i SHOULDNT get a laptop
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even if u put more ram into ur desktop, ur speed wont b that noticable.. and if i were u, id get a laptop.. u can get some good ones for really good price.
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When you get a desktop you get more power for the money.
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Laptops are way way way better... I've never had anything but problems on desktops... take your money and invest it into a good laptop... but thats my opinion... this is also the first computer ive owned that isn't a 95 or 98 so i had to deal with old systems... but seriously... you can't pick up and leave with a desktop... i'm suprised they would even sell them anymore considering what you can do with a laptop nowadays...
laptops are quite nice to have...but you get alot more for your money with a desktop, it really comes down on whether you want convenience or power

unless your loaded, then you can get a 5k laptop and get both
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