so i learned all the chords for one of my favorite tunes, Across the Universe (Rufus Wainwright version). I can play it pretty spiffily w/o singing but when I try to put the two together... I'm completely incapable. Its like I get a seizure. It's terrible sad and embarrassing

HELP!! I have no syncopation!! I cant strum different rhythms and offbeats while singing!!

please tell me this is something I can undo.

can a brother lend me just a little soul?
Just gotta practice man. Practice playing, practice singing, and then practice doing both together. Learn songs that are easier to play and sing first before moving on to harder rhythms.
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lol sounds like the ol' pat your head while rubbing your stomach trick. Yes it is hard to multitask when it comes to music. I suggest what copet said, just start out small playing a few notes and singing a few lines to get the hang of it. Move at your own pace like that until you can sing and play guitar. If that doesn't work you could always just play guitar instead of singing.
I posted in another thread here just a few minutes ago called "playing and singing?", that should have just about all the information you need to practice playing and singing.

I'll have to try that song, I don't believe I've ever played it before, but I do have suggestions for other songs to learn from in my post.
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