Hey guys!

I know very little about electronics but am trying to learn so that I can do more and more fun custom things. My question is this:

Would it be restrictively difficult to create a circuit that creates a chase pattern to the strings I hit on my bass or guitar? I'd like to put some LEDs in a pickguard, but instead of just having them light up with a switch, I thought it would be so cool if they each flashed seperately to the music, maybe individualy or in concentric rings, etc.

I'm looking at websites, books, etc right now to try to learn, but I'm a total noob at this stuff, so I want to know: is this even plausable? I understand a good chase effect requires some sensitivity to the amount of signal, or to the frequency (so it just picks up bass notes), but I don't even have a clue how one would be built.

If it is a plausable project, does anyone have some input or has anyone tried something similar?
Hmm, this sounds interesting, if it is indeed possible.

I don't have any knowledge about that stuff, but I'd like to see if anyone else does. So yeah, this is basically saying BUMP.
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It wouldn't take TOO much hard work, I guess. I can see if I can work on plans for a LED-based EQ that you could install in different patterns?
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sounds like an interesting start. I'm gonna look around through some old electronics kits to see if I can find out how to set up a trigger that will shift from one LED circuit to another and so on. I'm also buying a couple scrap basses out of the junk bin at a local music store today to work on. If I actually manage something like this, I'll have to put up some pics of course.

*edit: Ok I found out what I want is called a color organ!!! I've been looking at kits for hours now, but I can't seem to find any that are small enough to fit in even a big chamber I route out.

Does anyone know of any compact color organ kits? OR does anyone know exactly how they work, componant wise, so that I can make my own without having to buy a kit to figure them out?
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