i can play chord progressions really well without messing up but the thing is i am so concentrated on the STRUM that i can't concentrate on singing. any tips?
Keep on strumming untill you dont think about it anymore. Then you can worry about your voice.
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Try some of the songs that I have the tendency to post constantly.

"Sex & Candy" by Marcy Playground - This was the first song I ever learned to play and sing, and it's just plain cool.

"Here's to the Night" by Eve6 - Sure, it's not HARDCOOR RAWK METAL, but it's not a bad song to learn, and there are good tabs for it on here. Play it at your high school graduation.

And the classic...

"Wonderwall" by Oasis - No explanation necessary. Buy a Capo.

Just practice the strumming pattern first for a bit, and try singing with it eventually. I've been in the same position you are, subconsciously, you're somewhat afraid to sing. It's not your fault, and it's not a sign of weakness, it's just natural. Add on to that that you probably don't currently have the Dexterity to sing and play correctly quite yet, and you see why it's hard to sing at first.

Your voice (when you start singing and playing) will most likely be a bit quiet and weak. That's okay for now, don't force yourself to sing louder, or you'll probably mess up your playing by focusing on your voice. Let it come naturally. Even if you're working on the same song for a month, you're building your inner confidence for future songs, and growing as a Guitarist.

I have a suggestion for you, so you don't make the same mistakes I did. Buy a mic and a little amp (or at least plug a mic into your computer), then try singing your songs into that, while your Guitar is also loud enough to be heard. You could be the greatest singer in your bedroom, but once you hear your voice coming back at you for the first time, you could easily fold like pair of 3's. Singing into a mic in front of a crowd is nothing like singing to your Jimi Hendrix poster hanging from your wall.

And just remember, practice, practice, sleep, then practice in your sleep.
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