Some dude advertised and the topic was deleted, and I'm not giving the website name [unless you beg], but would you trust a website selling a Gibson guitar [even showing the headstock with the serial number and MADE IN USA on it] for $250? The guitar itself would be actually worth over $1000. The website said the guitar is in Hong Kong [suspicion]. It's also got alot of nice Ibanezes, but I don't wanna buy from them unless I can trust them.

Includes pics of the body too.
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yea definite spam
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dont trust it.
a guy told me that the tremolo bar was called the "distortionator"
Seems like a scam to me. Does gibson even use stickers for the serial number? And then that truss rod cover that claims the neck style also looks like something you would find on an illicit chinese copy. I would not trust this place, especially if the business end is in China.