I hope this is in the correct area (couldn't decide if this was an MT thread, or a G&B Basic thread):

What would be a good song for a beginner to intermediate level player to warm up on? Like one that has a really good main lick that will work both alternate picking and various things from legato to string skips.

As for what genres to keep this to, if you can... Classic Rock, Classic Progressive Rock to Modern day Progressive Rock, Progressive metal, Classic/Heavy Metal,and/or really good Blues.
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Slipknot Gently (the fast part) good for alternate picking

I can alt pick faster in my sleep.

I just run through scales and shred 3 and 4 notes per string for a few minutes.

If you want a specific song for alt picking and skipping, try the verse riff to Cold by at the gates or Im Charming by Black Dahlia Murder.
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Woops, noticed just now I forgot to put up a specific genre... DOH! (fixes origenal post)
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i would say stairway to heaven, it got the arpeggio stuff at the start, its got a kind of gast solo and some chords at the end
I just do plug in baby twice at normal speed then speed it up. That gets my fingers nice and warmed up.
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Any song that you don't struggle with would work. The idea would be to warm-up and not give yourself a workout. I tend to play old Megadeth or old Metallica when I'm warming up.
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I play some of my own riffs to warm up. Either that or I play some of Seek and Destroy. I also play some Testament riffs I saw in Guitar World. They sound kick ass and loosen my fingers up.
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i think playing Coheed & Cambria's 'In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3' the song warms my fingers up, or 'Time Consumer' by them, pretty good warm ups
i like jamming on the first song of 2112, the temple of the preists of syrinx
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This will be a great chance to check out new stuff I guess, as you guys are suggesting mostly stuff I've never heard of (nothing but Metallica and Rush did I recognize).

But thanks for the ideas so far, I'll start looking up those pieces .

And well... I also should mention the sad truth that I'm still a bit simple in my guitar playing abilities... so... try to keep them slower for now if you can ... my my, aren't I picky! Sorry if I sounded like a dick there... I just find anything about 80bpm (16ths at most)... and I'm basicly doing the equivalent of an hour of cardio, lol...

And I'm sorry, but gast? What is that an abbreviation for?

And can someone link me to a good, solid tabbing of Stairway To Heaven? I don't know it all that well, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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