My band has gone through some pretty weird ****.
Not as weird as most bands but to me kinda heavy.

My little brother is our bassist
hes allright he can play songs all the way
but heres where the trouble comes.

He never practices

Hes lazy and laughs at everyones ideas.

Im allways telling him to practice but he never does.

Today we practiced for about 15 minutes,
he puts the bass down and jumps onto the computer and says
"Okay Im Done"

point is

I wanna kick him out
and im sure everyone else wouldnt mind because they know he doesnt practice

but then again i dont want to because hes my brother
and i dont want to be the mean or make him feel bad and be pissed off at me
for the rest of my life.

any suggestions?
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tell him that you guys need a bassist whose willing to practice more. If he's not willing to do it, fire him.
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kick him out. if he doesnt practice with you, the band wont be tight, and you guys will suck. its not cool cuz hes your brother, but by not practicing (and being overly immature) your brother is not being a part of the band... so he's cut.
Simple solution:
be straightforward, tell him (as nicely as possible) the following words: Listen we're all thinking about kicking you out of the band if you don't start practicing uh NOW. Seriously too, not 10 minutes and then you're done.
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Quote by civildp1
tell him that you guys need a bassist whose willing to practice more. If he's not willing to do it, fire him.

yeah, if he's not willing to get better then tell him that he can always be replaced by someone who wants to improve
i had a similar situation with my first band, only the bassist, other guitar player and drummer were like your brother. the bass player and drummer are both my cousins, and the other guitar player is my neighbour, but i ended up quitting that band, and moving on to bigger and better things. Sh*t happens, and people eventually get over it (though my cousins haven't yet )
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Tell him he is incompetent, doesn't take music seriosuly enough, and does not meet your demands of a bass player. If he really wants to be in the band, he will start to practice more. If he doesn't, then use this as an oppurtunity to hire a superior bassist.
just be like "hey i know ur my brother and all but seriously the band and i really need you to start practicing and take this all more seriously. and if you dont want to do that then unfortunately well have to kick you out. im relly sorry."
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dude, i have the same problem with my brother! he is the bassist in my band too. he is 3 years younger, and he barely ever practices (hes 13) . i tell my parents all the time about this, that we wanted to kick him out, but my dad say always says "look, practicing bass is harder than playing your electric guitar! you have to play as a band to practice on bass!" and then he usually gets pissed off and yells at me the whole night, so yeah. look, just stop caring about it. if hes younger, he has time to mature, and he will. for me, i just dont even care anymore, so whatever. just give it a rest. but you should listen to us and tell me what you think. i would do the same for you if i had faster internet. our myspace is on my signature. thanks m8
If you're really serious about your band, drop him.
try three things... number 1 try just showing him this post. it might send a better message, since he doesn't sound very committed. he will have the choice of either stepping aside or remaining with you; without confronting him.
2. try getting him interested in a different style of bass. I got very bored writing stuff for a while as i could adeptly play virtually all rock styles by ear. I took up guitar until I discovered slapping(a challenging, new style for me) and since have practiced much more, because it's fun and 99% of ppl who quit have stopped having fun. maybe he's switched genres on you, or vice versa.
3. find an easy song for the band, with an impossible bass part and say you want to do a cover. MWAHAHAHA!!! if he likes the song then he'll practice. try rhcp's stuff, flea is way too hard, so the only way to play his stuff would be to get loads better.
good luck.
Well sense he's your bass player doesn't really matter how good/bad he is! No one will hear him anyways!
Quote by hanktehlordochi
Well sense he's your bass player doesn't really matter how good/bad he is! No one will hear him anyways!

lol... thats horrible.
me and my brother are in a band together, and were trying to come up with a name as a group and he just bags out everyname and says to call ourselves "free Hot sexy babes" which is lame as ****.
id give him a warning, be like, this is our craft, its what we like to do. and tell him u think that he will fall behind if he doesnt get his act together. but i have one question, some people i no practice religiously everyday for long periods of time, others i no dont and r just as good, so what is he
just kick him in the balls.

no explanation needed.
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