So I just bought brand new from a shop called chickenfeed (i think its only in Tasmania):
Strat Copy
10 Watt amp
carry bag
2 sets of strings
oh, and headphones for the amp

all this.. for AU$150
guess what... it sounds and plays like crap. what should i do to it? and i don't mean destroy it, i mean pimp the hell out of it.
Return it? You should find out if it's plywood or what body wood. Only certain types are actually worth REALLY upgrading.
i think you should pimp the hell out of it.
throw some d's on that bitch
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throw some d's on that bitch

I second that!
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well, then pimp it out lol. Custom paint job and some new pups
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Burn it?

Those guitars aren't worth the plywood they're made from.
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k. play it on stage. and at the end, set it alight, then smash it up. the audience wont care how **** u are as long as u do something outrageous
play a show with it. Then light it on fire and smash it to pieces. The audience wouldn't care how sh*t it sonded as long as you go way over the top
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k. play it on stage. and at the end, set it alight, then smash it up. the audience wont care how **** u are as long as u do something outrageous

Thats actually a damn good idea, but... naa. It'd be good to repaint it actually because I've never repainted a guitar before so if i **** it up it wont matter.

also, whats a d?

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I think they're referring to Dimarzio pickups when they say "d's". Maybe not though.

I'm also going to watch this thread because I too have a cheap strat lying about that I never play

God guys, get with the times
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God guys, get with the times

haha, ok then.

Well ive started sanding the body. im thinking im gonna do an evh paint job :p i know everyone does them, but they are cool. and im thinking i will put a block of wood in the top pickup routing and just whack a humbucker in the bridge. then have a volume and tone knob. and then a buckethead style kill switch for some jordan action :P

speaking of bucket head, here is a pic of me with a kfc bucket on my head: