hey i'm doing a speech for music on Yngwie Malmsteen and i'm just looking for some technical information about his music, such as scales, modes, tuning and all that. i'm not too good on my theory so try to dumb it down if you can. and i'd prefer it if there wasn't any information on what a fag he is, because i think we already know that. thanks
I'm not sure if its helpful but i think he nearly always uses harmonic minor and melodic minor scales and generally phyrgian, aeolian and ionian modes. He usually tunes his guitar half step down to E flat i think or standart, other than these two ive never seen a song of him.
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scalloped fingerboard? Thats not really tuning, more technique.
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If you know about his personality, then here comes the theory.

Yngwie Malmsteen likes to use the harmonic/natural/melodic (primarily the harmonic) minor modes and rarely major modes. Malmsteen uses a really wide and fast vibrato in addition to technically fast solos. He also frequently uses the dominant phrygian mode (for example, if the key was originally in E minor, his key changes during a solo would be in the key of B phygian which is basically the E minor scale but starting and ending on the strong notes of the B family).
By playing a major fifth and six chord (and the occasional minor 4th chord) Malmsteen makes the progression sound more 'B' than in 'E'. Pedal points are also one of his playing highlights, playing a part in almost all of his solos. An example of pedal pointing would be playing:


Arpeggios are a vital part of his playing, usually in fast succession.
He also uses the cycle of fifths progression and sequencing in his music.

Sequencing Example:

Notice how the same phrase structure is played within the 'A minor' scale, just starting from descending notes.

Cycle of fifths basically means that the chord played is the fifth of the next chord played. This was prominent during the Baroque period and many neo-classical works.

Example, in the key of A minor
Am, Dm, G maj, C maj, F maj, B dim, E maj, Am

His tuning is in E flat (standard tuning but just flat everything)

Don't forget, he also uses the pentatonic scale for his blues stuff.

Hope this helped,
Royce Lee
some points about malmsteen, im not going to delve into them as you shud do your own research but key points bout his playing are:
Eb tuning
harmonic minor modes
wide vibrato
pedal point licks
economy picking/alternate picking
palm muting
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and most importantly...FIRE!!!

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He likes diminished arpeggios too. I think Royce covered everything I could possibly say (plus a lot more!)
Youtube covers

In addition to his focus on minor keys, he will occasionally unleash the focking fury.
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Don't forget to put in the speech the process he goes through in order for him to be able to...

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Look him up on WIKIPEDIA.
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