Hey all,

Got myself a lovely Washburn MG-70 the other day, came with a whole bunch of spare pickups and an EMG 85 in the bridge.

That's nice, Is that a real flame top?
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wow, that is the sex! how much did it all cost?
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It came with a bunch of spare pick-ups?! SCORE!! (lol)
For those who care.
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The whole thing cost AU$250

I don't think the flame top is real. The spare pickups that came with it aren't much to cheer for. Just some Washburn humbuckers (designed my Semour Duncan though) and some random single coil. It was supposed to come with a Seymour Duncan JB Jr but he accidentaly sent some other random single coil instead.

The clear pickguard is pretty scratched up, though is still nice to show the wood. The tone pot is push-pull, but the tone and 5 way arent wired up at all.

If anyone could give me some diagrams on how you'd wire the EMG with passives id be greatly appreciative. I know i need an extra pot which is 250k for the single coils.

Also would the EMG sound any good on a coil split? Another diagram would be great there too.

Thank you very much for answering any of my questions.
Dude, nice guitar. Came with an 85, you cant go wrong.
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I wouldn't split the EMG, because ESP splits them on some of there guitars and it sounds like ****. Look up the diagrams on the internet, EMG website, Here ETC.
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You have no experience with racks??? What kind of guy are you?
Finished re-stringing the guitar. Need to set it up though, going to be a pain.

Also forgot to post, the two single coils in the plate are the stock pickups, but looking at the back of them they have two bar magnets with the poles in the middle. Is it possible they're noisless pickups or something?

Sweet guitar dude, I was going to buy a washburn flying v but realized I already had a jackson flying v haha
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