I've been playing guitar coming on 2 years at the end of this, and the problem's always plagued me as to whether I should have or should switch from playing right handed to left. I'm left handed in writing but everything else I do with my right arm, so naturally playing guitar was right handed. But it's very apparant that my right hand is far more dexterous than my left (in terms of coordination, speed/strenth and lack of ease taking this to a guitar is one of the reasons I havn't switched).
I'm probably not going to switch one way or the other, but I would like to hear some stories about it. Please, keep this thread for people who have actually experienced it.
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stick with what youve got.
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ye just keep with it... i have a friend whos just like you and hes been playing for about 2 years aswell,,, he switch form any chord to another very fast, hes not so good a picking though
chords are fine, changing hands won't make a difference as chords are pretty simple to instill into your muscle memory- but playing notes faster is what I'm talking about.
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well it's gonna be a pain in the a** but if u really wanna know. un-string your guitar and then string it upside down (low e where the high e would be and b where the a would be and so on so forth) and then turn your guitar around and play it for a while and see how it works
I would stay right handed as 2 years is a long time to waste by relearning your hands. I am a lefty played acoustic for over a month right handed but was glad I got a lefty electric. Finding good left handed guitars is a serious pain also and expensive...
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