for a new bass. what should i get? i was thinking about getting an ibanez. i already have a squier bass so any suggestions. i play in a rock(metalcore) band and what bass would be good for that. i know as i lay dying's old bassist has an ibanez so that gave me the idea to get one.
Can you give us an idea of your price range please? It will give us a little more insight into which bass we should suggest.
Maybe you should consider getting an amp if you're still on your first, unless your first was a larger amp by some chance.

But yes, regarding price and tone, specifics would help.
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
ok price would be around $300-600. ive been playing for about 7 months and i have my beginner amp and my big gallien kruger amp so i dont need any amps right now. for tone anything thats good for rock. i dont really play jazz or funk.
i dont like the look of the rickenbacker but the scheter bass looks pretty cool.
If you're into heavier rock, look at some ESP and LTD basses.

If you get something in the 200 series, they're around $400. and the 400 series (top of the line) will put you around $600.

I just put down some money and put an EC 254 on lay away (with EMG HZs). The newer 200 series just have passive ESPs, so if you want the passive EMGs, you'll have to look around used for a bit.
Warwick Rockbasses are fairly decent

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I think a Schecter Bass would do fine in the metalcore scene. And if you choose to play other genres, does great there too!!

Both the Elite and Studio are 600

I second this. Schecter basses are pretty versatile, and the ones I've played (C4 and Stiletto Elite) felt incredibly comfortable. ESPs are also great for their price.