First I'd like to say, although I am new to have an account I've always browsed through these forums.

So I got a Randy Rhodes style jackson body off of ebay. It looked nice from the pictures and the damage didn't look bad and with a flamed maple top I couldn't resist. Unfortunately, it was way worse than described and it looked like somebody played frisbee with the thing. Heres a pic of the original backplate so you can get an idea of just how damaged it was on the back and sides (it was actually deeper scratches in the finish).

I probably could've got my money back, but I decided to refinish. So I sanded the back down, and parts of the sides and decided to repaint.

After I sanded:

Took me over 2 months to get this far(just about done):

The front was hardly touched, just wet sanded a little to get the scratches and such out. But the back and sides were totally redone with black lacquer. Then the whole thing sprayed with clear. I've never painted anything before in my life, however my uncle used to spray cars and taught me how to do it. The biggest problem really wasn't spraying it once I had practiced... it was not having a spray booth or something of the like. Water would fall from a tree, a bug would fly into it. It was a nightmare. So finally after two months I can say I'm finished, with almost no imperfections in it.

Yesterday I got the neck in (it was thousandths of an inch too wide for the body, had to sand the sides) I'm now just waiting to get the pickups wired at this point. Also I got a real Floyd Rose (ouch my checking account) and I'm not sure how to get the things out to hold the pegs in. My Floyd Rose system is gold (original pegs are chrome but the gold ones don't fit). What do you guys think?

Update 11/22/07: Pretty much done. Got all the parts in and a neck specifically for this guitar. Put it together when I got home for Thanksgiving break.

Finished pictures:

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Looks pretty cool, indeed. The upper fret access doesn't look promising though.
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it sure is nice man, if it were mine i would have just left the back unpainted and sanded the sides.
but you've done a nice job onit i like the blue flame on the top .
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Looks pretty cool, indeed. The upper fret access doesn't look promising though.

Thanks. I see you're point with the frets. Its a 24 fret neck, and I think the body was designed for a 22 which is why the last fret is touching the pickup cover. But I looked at my king V and the neck actually sits even deeper down believe it or not and I've never had a problem with it.
Very sexy, especially the neck plate

The blue and gold work well together, good job.
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Wow.. Beautiful guitar.. I love the color and the gold hardware.. and the girl on the backplate of course!
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