Hi there people,

Im Doing music GCSE and part of that is to make a composition.
My piece is on guitar but i need to include a change of key but i dont really understand how to change keys, and which key to change into or how to do it :S
So if anyone could give me a little guide ( teach me how to change key , and how to know what key to go into ) i'd be very thankful.

its called modulation, basicly passing through to another key, this can be done without any sort of preparation, or it can be done by playing around with thinkgs like, if switching from say...C to D


the A7 being the V chord of D, but also the IVma7 chord of C, so you alter it and you create some sort of transition to the D

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There are 4 main types: direct, prepared, pivot chord and transitional.

For direct you just start playing in the new key abruptly like John Coltrane's Giant Steps.

Prepared modulation sets up the arrival of a new key through a V7, a ii-V or a vii°7.
Chords:   Fmaj7   |C11   |Fmaj7   |Bbm7 Eb7|Abmaj7
Function: Imaj7   |V11   |Imaj7   |iim7 V7 |Imaj7
Key:      F                        Ab

From the diminished 7 chord you can resolve to any chord one half step above, but because of the symmetrical nature of the chord that gives 4 options.

For example in the key of F, F°7=Ab°7=B°7=D°7

So you could resolve to Gb, A, C or Eb

For a pivot modulation you find a common chord between two keys eg:
Chords:        Gm7  C7|Fmaj7 Bbmaj7|Am7    D7|Gmaj7
Function in F: iim7 V7|Imaj7 IVmaj7|iiim7 VI7|
Function in G:                     |iim7   V7|Imaj7 

A transitional modulation occurs when following a cycle of chromatic ii-Vs or sequential dominants, the music ends up in a different key from the original:
    Fm7 Bb7| Ebmaj7 |Em7  A7|Ebm7  Ab7|Dm7  G7| Cmaj7 |
    iim7 V7| Imaj7  |iim7 V7|iim7  V7 |iim7 V7| Imaj7 |
Key:Eb               D       Db        C
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Okay thanks alot for this stuff guys im starting to understand a little bit more about modulation thanks