i am new and i diddnt but a expensice guitar. i bought a les paul special 2. will it sound better if i buy new strings and replace the stock. and if so, what strings should i get?
u cant go rong with ernie ball slinkys, they have tonnes of sizes, regulars are fine for me
Whatever feels good. If you don't mind the strings now, don't bother. Strings are all personal preference.

u cant go rong with ernie ball slinkys

Or maybe You can't go wrong with Ernie Ball Slinkies?

Besides, you can. You can just not like them.
well its all personal preferance, id recomend ernie ball regular or super slinky or d'addario regular lights
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I like Ernie Ball Super Slinkys. Elixirs are better if you got the budget.
Perhaps you will too
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It won't make that much of a diference if the strings are brand new.
What music do you like to play?
yes it makes a huge difference, but it really depends on the kind of string you are going to put on. what kind of music do you like?
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well i like everything but mainly like Led Zeppelin, but i play some blink 182 sum 41.. whatever i can i play i play lol..
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u cant go rong with ernie ball slinkys, they have tonnes of sizes, regulars are fine for me

If you want dead tone.

D'addario or Elixers (which I can never afford) are the way to go. The size is prefrence, but most guitars come stock with 9's. I happen to like Light bottem/heavy top strings, with an 11 high e. but thats just me
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I used to use Ernie Balls, they were pretty good, but they DON'T work with locking tremolo giutars, they snap easily on those thigns.
I use D'addiro 9's now.
but being that im new im not looking for too expensive strings, how much are these around
i would go with elixir polywebs. they're a little more expensive, but well worth it.
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If the guitar is brand new, or the strings are fairly new, then I don't see any reason why there would be a big issue with 'em. A lot of guitars already come with good quality strings (D'Addarios are standard on a good number of brands if I recall correctly).

The only time I could see it making a difference, is if the strings are old, the guitar has been handled by a fair number of people prior to purchase, if you have a specific tone you want from your strings, or if there's a particular brand that you like to use and it didn't come with them.
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I'm playing a quite cheap guitar and played with the strings it came with, Ernie Ball and Dean Markley. My amp is a Marshall 15DFX. To me they sound pretty much the same. Might be different with nice pickups and a better amp.
So I'd say just play your strings for some time.
^Well yeah, whatever kind of strings you have on your guitar when you're playing through an MG, it's gonna sound like crap. I prefer GHS strings. I like their large selection, and the fact that they're manufactured in my home state (michigan), is another plus.
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Stock strings are usually no different to the ones you buy in the shops - they're just usually old that's all.
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in short.Yes it does

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Stock strings usually have some kind of buildup from multiple people handling the guitar prior to your purchasing it, so Yes definitely change the strings.

I use D'Addario XL 10's (because I like the heavier feel and it helps build my fingers up) But generally 9's work really well. I've used D'Addarios for years because they rarely ever break, especially on a floyd rose bridge.

But also alot of people like Ernie Ball, and GHS. You cab generally find these brands for about $5 - $6 a set or so. Sometimes your local shop will have 2 for $8 specials going on.

New strings just have that fresh feel to them and they sound more alive.
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well i was hoping by changing the strings I'd be able to automatically know how to play any SRV song ever...... so no. IMO it doens't help crap. You can either play a guitar, or you can't (or haven't learned yet).

You give a guy who knows how to play a guitar and no matter what brand guitar/strings he wil make it sing.

..... but I do like the Slinkys.
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if you;re strings are dirty and greasy then get new ones, or if they are rusted, it's much easier to move around with nice new strings. i hate the really twangy sound of fresh strings but that disappears after a good 3-4 hours of playing
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well i like everything but mainly like Led Zeppelin, but i play some blink 182 sum 41.. whatever i can i play i play lol..

I beleive Jimmy Page used Ernie Ball Super Slinky's, though that doesn't mean you have to lol.

But yeah Ernie Ball Slinky's are some nice strings IMO, I also like D'Addario 9's, which I use on my Squier.

Basically it's just about trying out different ones as you change strings and finding the set that suits you. My only advice since your a beginner is to probably get 9's.

Oh and if the stock strings are in good condition wait a while till your comfortable changing strings.
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Elixir strings aren't really worth buying for the electric, in my opinion. They are the only strings I buy for acoustics; but their electric strings are pretty "meh".

I'm currently playing D'Addario's. They are decent enough.
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Re: Ernie Balls- If you want dead tone.

Bogus! Regular Slinky is my preferred kind. However, I have yet to try them out on my FR equipped axe, so I have no idea how they'd hold up on that.
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I use D'Addario XL 10's (because I like the heavier feel and it helps build my fingers up)

Pardon me, but I'd say 10s aren't "heavier". 10s have always been what I considered standard, and I'd never go lighter. I hate the flimsy feel of 9s. For some reason I think it feels cheap, like they're too easy to push around, and there's no resistance in them so I feel like they can snap at any time.

I use 10s (Ernie Ball regular Slinky) on my Tele and will swap the ones on my LTD MH-1000 for those as well, and I use 11s (Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky) on my M600, which is my rhythm metal axe.
hey if its your first guitar, get new strings and have somoene string them for you (who knows what there doing) cuz if you string it wrong, it wont sound as good as it should be.
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