Hey everyone,

i was just interested in your opinions of a usual metal balad combined with a kind of walking bass in refrain, the songs isn't finished yet , i'm momentarily working on the transistions and the solo.
PLz leave me some critic or annotations.

Edit:Plz unmute rhytm guitar ,just forgot it =)
Title 4.zip
-------------------|Carpe Diem - Lebe den Tag|-----------------
Wow man, I like it, the bass it's cool, do u have lyrics for it? if u have, u should record it someday, and u can try to add a solo between tge Bridge Part and the interlude part near the end, that would make it cooler!

good job
Thanks,well i was thinking of a solo after the Bridge ,then maybe another verse , refrain and outro.. i'm working on the lyrics though it's hard as i can't find a fitting topic .. i think we're gona record as soon as our bass player gets used to the bass line
-------------------|Carpe Diem - Lebe den Tag|-----------------
is that...guitar pro sea sounds...THE way to make a song instantly epic on guitar pro!
pretty cool song
i realy like it.
the intro is pretty good, not boring.
the rest is pretty, sorry that i cant be specific, since i listened through MIDI.
the bas is awsome, and the sea sounds are good, fitting the whole thing.
i think a guitar solo would fit the song very well.

sorry i cant say more, i was listening to the MIDI file.
crit my songs, (PLZ):
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