i recently got a vox ad50vt and it has onboard effects n modelling amps , but i have couple of pedals in the house i was wondering wot settings shud i use ???

SOrry for a pure noob question
Well, you can combine them with the built in effects, but you usually just run the amp clean or with overdrive if you're not using a distortion pedal, unless you like heaps of gain, haha, and then use your pedals.
I have a Rocktron RepliTone 120W amp, it has a bunch of models and effects, but I also use a Multi Effect pedal (which I like, don't get on my case). A lot of times I just like to experiment, I'll find a setting on my pedal, then listen through some models, mess with the Gain or Bass, use the Neck pickup on my Guitar, or whatever. Even my pedal has amp models in it, so I have a massive range of possibilities. It's pretty easy to come up with some good combinations that really fit what you want to play. Just fiddle around, turn some knobs, etc., once you've got more of a feel for your gear, you'll know what sounds good, and you'll have a broad spectrum of choices for your sound.
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