Right, the front screw on the strap button of my guitar keeps coming when I play, the whole screw just comes out. I think this is probably due to the fact that when I play I go all out and put a lot of pressure on my guitar and the buttons. I have tried using fatter screws but the problem is so far the only screw I have found that was bigger was only bigger by a little bit and so the same problem occurred.

Aside from me now looking for some fatter screws, is there any other way for me to solve this
you probably stripped the inside of the guitar, tough luck use duck tape
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Easy. Get a couple toothpicks and some wood glue. Dip a toothpick in the woodglue and shove it into the hole for the strap button and break off the top. Keep doing that until the hole is jam packed with toothpicks and then let the glue dry for some time. When its dry screw in the original screw you had with your guitar and stop using so much damned for that you end up striping the threads inside the guitar.
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yes, i have a brilliant solution to this problem proven to work.

take the screw out
break off a toothpick inside the hole, screw the screw back in

that'll hold pretty well, u just need to replace the toothpick everynow and again.

but no joke, it works.

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Ahhh, I've heard something like that before, but with matchsticks, but wasn't sure what to do.

Thank you very much for the help