Okay, so all this week I have been attending a week long summer school at LSE (London School of Economics). I'm taking politics. So far it has been totally awesome. Nice food as well. Tomorrow, alas, is my last day their. Quite sad. Although, I do have to make a speech (We're doing a G-8 summit on the topics of aid to Africa, climate change and Iraq). I (along with my friend) took the easy task of doing the UK's policies on these topics. I have to pretend to be David Milliband (my friend is pretending to be Gordon Brown).

But, that was not the point of this thread. I just wanted to show that off. I wanted to know how many UGers are going/have gone to summer school this summer. Also if you enjoyed it and other relevant points.
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I was supposed to go but I chose fun with friends over school (which is the reason I was supposed to go.) But I went 2 years ago and I thought it was pretty sweet. Way better than regular school.
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